April 13, 2019 2 min read

While we are progressing at a rapid pace and achieving newer heights of technological progress, we are leaving behind a trail of destruction of our natural resources and the very basic needs for survival - our air, land and water.

With pollution levels rising in the cities at an alarming rate, it has now become almost a luxury to have a breath of fresh air.

It has become a necessity to buy face masks and air filters just to live in a city today. And as pitiful as it sounds, the reality is that we are poisoning the air that we need for survival.

Below are the 5 most common problems that occur due to the rising air pollution. While most can be tackled using face masks and air filters, but these have become a lifestyle problem for us city-dwellers.

  1. Breathing disorders

Air pollution affects our lungs and respiratory system directly. The problem becomes more acute for young children and the elderly. Breathing disorders like Asthma, Rhinitis are becoming almost an everyday affair today.

  1. Skin allergies

Less in number, but many people get skin allergies and dermatitis when exposed to high levels of air pollution. Discoloration, itching and flaking can occur when pollutants directly interact with delicate skin cells.

  1. Nausea and Headache

Many people, especially pregnant women and young children, experience severe nausea and headaches when exposed to high levels of air pollution. It sometimes leads to vomiting and long lasting headaches.

  1. Eye-irritation

Air pollution also affects the eyes. Itching, burning and dryness of the eyes are becoming common ailments in areas with high levels of air pollution.

  1. Reduced Life span

It has been verified by many studies that pollutions in cities today is reducing our life spans by almost 5 years. It is almost a given that if you choose to live in a city, you are giving your life away.

It is a dangerous situation that we live in today. The very air that we need to breathe is killing us. While we can buy face masks and air filters, it is just a temporary solution to the looming danger.

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