March 16, 2022 2 min read

Cycling is again becoming an increasingly popular mode of transportation in most cities. Some authors even refer to it as a “bicycle renaissance”. Cycling has multiple benefits for health and well-being such as improving cardiovascular fitness, reducing the risk of chronic diseases, being overweight and obese and of all causes of mortality.

After several decades of car-oriented planning, the experts in global cities today consider cycling as a sustainable means of transportation that helps to reduce greenhouse gases, road congestion and road traffic noise. In that respect, numerous cities are investing massively in cycling infrastructure to get commuters out of cars and increase bikers.

However, the picture is quite different in reality. Various factors make cycling riskier, such as road traffic noise pollution and most worrisome is the air pollution levels that cyclists have to bear with. It is well-known that prolonged exposure to high levels of air pollution may be harmful to human health and well-being and it increases the risk of respiratory diseases, certain types of cancer, annoyance and stress. Because of the higher levels of ventilation rates, cyclists inhale more air pollutants than pedestrians and public transit users.

Here comes the use of Nasal Filters as a balancing act that people can adopt as a lifestyle measure and can continue being healthy with the use of cycle as a regular means of transport and at the same time being an environment friendly option for commuting.

Below are a few benefits of using Clenare Nasal Filters:

  • It is easy to use and less cumbersome for bikers.
  • It is simpler for bikers to use this filter who otherwise use face masks while riding.
  • Minimalist design with no feeling of claustrophobia.
  • Mouth remains free to breathe and talk over the phone.
  • Clenare Nasal Filter allows the skin to perspire even in hot summers.
  • No air leakage with a sure fit design.
  • Can be used while eating, talking and breathing without any difficulty.
  • Keeps your eye-glasses from fogging up which is often the case with the usage of face masks.
  • No re-inhalation of exhaled air which is usually circulating inside when you wear an anti-pollution face mask. Highly unhealthy.
  • No odor of exhaled breath as is frequently found while wearing face masks.
  • Feeling of being or looking sick while wearing a face mask is ruled out completely.


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