January 11, 2021 2 min read

You sneeze, cough, your eyes are red and irritated, you have symptoms of wheezing, asthma or rhinitis, and you aren’t sleeping well, it is a good reason to believe that all these symptoms of yours are allergy-related. Being allergic to indoor allergens could be more complex than you might think.

An allergen is a substance that causes many allergic reactions. Some examples of common allergens are regular sneezing, shortness of breath, dust mites, cat dander and pollen. Sometimes the severe allergic reactions to these substances can lead people to face breathing problems. They can cause many bothersome symptoms such as runny nose, congestion and fatigue.

The best way to detect an allergen that is making you sick is through a blood test. However, allergy tests alone are generally not enough and are usually not reliable. So all one can do is eliminate or reduce the amount of exposure to the allergen that triggers your symptoms. Now how do we do that?

Even after diligent cleaning of your curtains, blinds, carpets and all bedding, dust mites still remain since they thrive in humid environments. Mold can be difficult to remove too as it also grows in moist areas. It may have grown in an area of your house where you have had water damage from plumbing problems or flooding. Dehumidifying your home every day or encasing your bedding in a plastic or rubber wrapping is probably unattainable.

So what do we do to prevent the Nasal intake of all allergens?

Although it’s impossible to get rid of every single dust mite in your home, you can greatly reduce the number of allergens that you inhale by wearing a nasal protection.

Nose filters allow you to filter most types of airborne particles to a high degree and can provide a balanced solution to this problem of indoor pollution. They are personal air filters designed to fit inside the nostrils (nares) to prevent the inhalation of allergens, pollutants, exhausts and irritants such as dust, smoke and foul odors. Wearable anytime, anywhere - whether inside homes or outside, they can protect against pollution 24x7, better than air purifiers or conditioners which work only in the spaces where they are installed.

Clenare Nasal Filters work as an Invisible Mask which filter the air one inhales preventing certain impurities and allergens from entering our respiratory system and ensuring that the pollutants get caught in the filter.

Having a Nasal filter should be seen as a practical solution to the dangerous levels of air pollution around us. When wearing a nasal filter, one can enjoy the pets at home, follow home exercise regime, do regular household chores of dusting and keeping homes clean without worrying about dust, mold, spores, pollen, pet dander and other allergens and bacteria. Protected from not only dust and pollen allergies, but also keep the worst polluted air away.



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Wish you a New Year and Happy Breathing!

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