June 04, 2019 2 min read

After the national capital, the most affected city due to air pollution is Hyderabad. With due time, the Air Quality in the city is deteriorating day by day. A survey resulted in 78% of respondents from Hyderabad saying that their family and friends were personally affected by poor air quality and confirmed health complications due to bad air.

From the responses, the most common symptoms were shortness of breath, trouble in breathing, headaches and coughing. These symptoms are more common in the metro cities and less in rural areas, reason being the rapid increase in the percentage of privately owned automobiles every year over the last decade. The results showed that drivers and vehicle owners showed more concern about air quality than about the cost of petrol or diesel.

While industries also do contribute a significant amount to the air pollution levels in the city, however, the industrial areas are mostly restricted to the city outskirts. Even burning of wood and crop lands in outside villages happens occasionally. Hence, these contributors fall to a bare minimum in comparison to the pollution contributed by automobiles and vehicular traffic.

Hyderabad has a population of 70 lakh and including the Secunderabad area, there is a floating population of nearly one crore. The city has over 50 lakh vehicles and nearly thousand vehicles get added everyday to the existing volume in the form of registrations. Usually, the pollution is widespread from 9am to 6pm, as there is a steep rise in traffic during this time. But during early mornings and late evenings, the pollution settles and causes more harm in living quarters and residential areas.

While the increase in the traffic volume is a major concern, the numbers of vehicles that simply do not adhere to the pollution norms have been am obstruction towards curbing pollution levels. More than 50% of the two wheelers and more than 90% of the four wheelers do not have PUC certificates (Pollution under Control).

It is during the monsoon that the pollutants in the air come down considerably, but come winter, the suspension of the pollutants is felt particularly, so much so that it goes beyond the acceptable levels especially in the busy areas like Paradise, Uppal, Jubilee Hills etc.

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