September 06, 2019 2 min read

Clenare Replacement Filters are installed inside the Nasal Filter Body and knowing which one to buy for yourself is essential to having a Great Nasal Filter Experience.

Clenare Nasal Filters as a product help filter out the air directly at the source of entry which is - our Nostrils. But in Reality it is the Clenare Replacement Filters which provide the Best Defense against the many pollutants present in the Air, like PM2.5, PM10, Pollen, Allergens, Vehicle exhaust and many more.

We have two different types of Replacement filters:

  • Max Defence Replacement Filter
  • Super Defence Replacement Filter

Both filters have difference in breathability and have different Filter Efficacy.

Max Defence Replacement Filters are White in Color and allow air to pass more freely, hence making breathing easier while these filters are installed. These are designed to filter out 80% of PM2.5 pollution and germs that exist around us and can block 94% pollen, dust, dander and mold.


Super Defence Replacement Filters are Blue in Color. They have a stronger filtration and hence give you the Highest Protection. These are designed to filter out 90% of PM2.5 pollution and germs that exist around us and can block 97% pollen, dust, dander and mold.

If you are Fit and consider yourselves to have strong Lungs with Good Inhaling and Exhaling Capacity then go for Super Defense. If you are a Jogger or do Cardio exercises then Super Defense should be the selection for you. But if you are Old Aged, have/had Asthma, Bronchitis or are Recovering from a Respiratory Tract infection then you need breathing with less effort, so opt for Max Defence to start with.

If you would for any general reason like filters with less Breathing Effort then Opt for Max Defense. Its not really a question of healthier or fitter but more of like and wants. Our customers have called us Saying " I want the Best Protection for me, no matter what the effort is involved" so we suggested Super Defense. Then we had customers who said " We want lighter breathing effort" so we suggested Max Defense Replacement Filters.

Clenare MAx Defence Replacement Filter Efficacy

Please note: Super Defense Replacement Filters are loaded into each Nasal Filter Body as a standard when Shipped, after that Replacement Filters as per one's choice can be purchased separately.

Both Replacement Filter packs cost Rs.299 and give up-to 50 days of protection and usage. You may look at another pack of Rs.999 which gives up-to 200 Days protection for both types.

We hope this information helps to decide which is the correct type of Replacement Filter for you.

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