February 18, 2019 2 min read

The rising levels of air pollution in our cities wreak havoc on the two most vulnerable sections of our families - our young children and our elderly.

With immunity levels lower and more fragile, our elders are more susceptible and fall victim to the ill effects of pollution around them.

Breathing discomfort and respiratory ailments are becoming common today. Bronchitis, asthma, rhinitis and other diseases of the respiratory canal are becoming rampant and deadlier.

However, the compounding effects of these problems become even more severe.

Once the person has a respiratory infection, the ageing body and overall lesser immunity makes it very easy to fall victim to other diseases as well. So, even a small infection can actually ignite and become a much more serious ailment than what one would imagine.

The propensity of our elderly to go for early morning walks makes it even worse due to the highest concentration of pollutants at that time.

So what can we do?

The first and foremost thought will be to get air filters and face masks for them. Buying air filters is a small investment than can actually prevent some serious problems. Nasal air filters are also an excellent option since they do not restrict our older folks to a room. The filter gives them the freedom to move about and do their daily chores without any hindrance.

They are almost invisible and very practical for our elderly since they can be worn easily. Once they are up and inside the nostrils, one does not require to constantly adjust them, neither do they require to be removed for eating and drinking.

They also come in various shapes and sizes to perfectly fit your nose shape.

So do your research well and buy a good pair of nasal air filters to help your elder parents fight the rising pollution.

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