April 18, 2022 2 min read

Running outside in the open can definitely expose you to air pollution that can be hazardous to your health. There's no denying that breathing in carbon monoxide laden air on a regular basis is a sure shot way to develop inflamed lungs, ignite asthma and increase the risk of strokes.

This doesn’t mean that you have to curtail your want of running outside in the fresh air. The below pointers will help to protect yourself.

  1. Check local conditions: Make a habit of checking your current air quality. You can easily get access to up-to-date AQI measurements on your local weather app. It will also issue warnings when the AQI is particularly bad so that you can avoid being outside as much as possible around the said time.
  2. Carefully choose your route: Certain areas such as parks and nature trails are usually lower in pollution than crowded streets near industrial areas. Avoiding high-traffic times of the day is another way to decrease your intake of air pollution since air pollution is higher during rush hours when more vehicles are on the road.
  3. Adjust your workout: Studies suggest that adjusting the intensity of your workout is an easy way to decrease the amount of unhealthy air that is inhaled. So, deciding to take a long walk instead of a short run is another way that you can still enjoy the outdoors and minimize the possible lung damage.
  4. Vitamins: In addition to the above, taking vitamin E and vitamin C supplements mitigate the oxidizing effects of some of the chemicals in smog, so it may prove to be beneficial in making that part of your daily routine.
  5. Nasal Filter: Always wear Clenare Nasal Filters when exercising in the outdoors to protect your lungs. These filters have the potential to be a good additional step for you to add one more layer of protection against airborne viruses. You will not only be protected from the worst polluted air, but will also keep dust and pollen allergies away.


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