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If you suffer from asthma, then living in polluted cities of today is no doubt not an easy task to manage. You might even frequently be searching for how to cure asthma. If only it was that easy to prevent allergens, pollutants, and irritants from entering your nasal passages and triggering a flare-up of your asthma symptoms. Well, with the launch of a newly developed device known as mini nasal filters, it can actually be simple to prevent repeated asthma attacks by stopping the allergens at the entry point to your nose itself. 

While nasal filters are by no means a cure for asthma, they can help in removing the allergens and irritants that trigger off your asthma symptoms, giving you a much better quality of life. Nasal filters, similar to dust masks or anti-pollution masks, help you breathe better. However, not everyone is comfortable with using an anti-pollution mask as it covers half the face, many feel claustrophobic wearing them, and many find it looks unsightly. Nasal filters, on the other hand, blend in neatly on your face, are comfortable to wear, and no one can tell you are wearing them unless they are really looking for it. After a while, wearing these nasal filters become just the same as wearing contact lenses or dental braces. 

These nasal filters also help in filtering out second-hand smoke, which is known to worsen asthma symptoms. These filters prevent any type of small particles or allergen particles that can cause a flare-up of your symptoms. Whenever these allergens are present in the air, you end up breathing them in, thus causing your asthma to worsen. When you wear a nasal filter, the filter stops the entry of these allergens at your nose itself, preventing them from going in any further and triggering an immune response that leads to a full-blown asthma attack.

Wearing a nasal filter is one of the best precautions you can take to avoid having an asthma attack. These filters effectively block both indoor and outdoor allergens and irritants including pollen, pet dander, and hair, dust, mold, mites, etc., and stops your condition from worsening.  

The filter does not hamper with your breathing, yet it restricts any particulate matter from entering your body. Made from a thin and flexible membrane, the filter is also capable of removing the deadly PM2.5, which is one of the most common particulate matter found in polluted cities of the world. In fact, doctors say that PM2.5 is responsible for causing maximum damage to your lungs.

A tiny solution to such a major problem, nasal filters can help not just asthmatic patients, but also those individuals who suffer from dust and pollen allergies. It comes as a blessing for people who suffer from any form of respiratory conditions and is ideal even for those who are on a budget. From youngsters to the elderly, nasal filters can be the ideal precaution for preventing an asthma attack and living life free from the fear of having a flare-up of your symptoms.

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Bulet Kumar
Bulet Kumar

August 26, 2020

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