Clenare Invisible Nose Air Filters With Defense Against Air Dust, Pollen & Allergy

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Shaped for the nose
  • Soft Material for Comfortable fit
  • Flexibility Inbulit
  • Medical Grade Material
  • FDA approved
  • BPA & Phthalate & free



  • Electrostatic Filter which attracts airborne particles
  • Stops PM2.5, PM10, Vehicle Exhaust
  • Airborne Viruses, Dust and Allergens
  • Lowest Air Resistance and Minimum Restriction to Air Flow
  • Protection up to 15 Days with one pair


Make sure your hands are clean and washed. Place the filter element on your thumb and index finger as shown in Step 1 above. Push one side into one nostril and then push the other side into the other nostril of your nose as shown in Step 2 above. All done. Make sure the connecting band is facing down at all times.

Clenare filters should fit comfortably inside the nose with equal pressure on all sides of the nostril (adjust by pushing it in or out for optimal comfort and fit)

Just pull gently on the connecting band and its out

Yes, the Clenare Nasal Filters are made for life and only the inner Replacement filters need to be replaced.

You can wear them all day long but we recommend using it outdoors for maximum benefit. Do not use the filter in case you have a running nose or any nasal passage irritation. Remove before going to sleep.

The medium size can fit most people. But if you have any doubt than buy the 3-in-1 Family pack which comes with small, medium and large sizes. Use the one which suits your family member best.

Clenare products will be available at your nearest pharmacy soon. They are available on Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, 1mg and on this website also.

Clenare Nasal Filters provide instant, drug-free relief from Air pollution, allergies and more. Clenare Nasal Filters also increase airflow, helping improve your health and physical performance also.

Remove the Replacement filter element from inside and dip the body in warm water for 5 minutes to sterilize. You may wash the body with running cold water also.

Instant relief from Polluted Air, Pollen, Allergies and no side effects of medication or drugs !