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Discrete And Custom Sizes Available.

With custom sizes, Clenare Nasal Filters, are expected to fit completely inside your nasal opening. All the air you breathe through your nose will pass through the filter, ensuring that you are always breathing clean air.

Replaceable Filters.

  • A single set of Clenare Nasal Filter consists of a reusable housing and one pair of replaceable filters.

  • You visually inspect the used set of filters as their colour changes, and decide when it is time to replace them, in turn creating more value for your money.

Superior in Design & Value for Money.

  • Unique Reusable product with a pair of separate Replacement Filters

  • Custom sizes for your Nose and Internal Nostril structure

  • The user can choose to load different types of replaceable filters for different breathing conditions and requirements with changing scenarios

  • No chemicals and No skin irritation

  • Patent Pending for a New Heavy Duty Sports Design

Easy to use and less cumbersome for bikers.

  • Simpler for bikers who use face masks while riding

  • Minimalist design with no feeling of claustrophobia

  • Mouth remains free to breathe and talk over the phone.

  • Clenare Nasal Filter allows the skin to perspire even in hot summers

  • No air leakage with a sure fit design

  • Can be used while eating, talking and breathing without any difficulty

  • Keeps your eye-glasses from fogging up which is often the case with the usage of face masks

  • No re-inhalation of exhaled air which is usually circulating inside when you wear an anti-pollution face mask. Highly unhealthy.

  • No odor of exhaled breath as is frequently found while wearing face masks

  • Feeling of being or looking sick while wearing a face mask is ruled out completely

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