Nasal Filter Body – Family Pack (Pack of 3 – 1Small + 1Medium + 1Large)

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  • If you are unsure which size to buy than buy our Family Pack of 3 to get started. It contains one filter housing of each size with a pre-installed replacement filter. You will get a SMALL + MEDIUM + LARGE sizes each in the Family Pack. Just choose which size fits you and your family members best.
  • Invisible Design.
  • Special Soft Material Especially Designed for Nasal Passage.
  • Flexible Natural Shape for Best Seal and Comfort Fit.
  • Supplied with a Carrying Case and Tweezers to dismantle the filter.
  • As a Hygiene Policy, this product is Not Returnable once Purchased.
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  • How do Clenare Nasal Filters work?

    95% of all air we breathe goes through our nose. It is our primary breathing organ while our mouth engages in other activities like talking, eating, drinking etc. Clenare filters clean the air that passes through our noses so that our lungs receive fresh air and our hearts remain healthy. The Clenare Nasal filter is a small device that sits directly into our nostrils and passes filtered air through them. It dilates our nostrils too, allowing more air to pass through. Made out of almost transparent material it’s very discreet, and not easily visible to the naked eye.





    Features of CLENARE

    The filters in Clenare can trap almost all suspended particles in the air around them. They protect us from all major air pollutants like PM 2.5 (these particles cannot be filtered even by our lungs), PM 10, Vehicle Exhaust, Dust, Pollen, Germs, Dander and Airborne Viruses and Bacteria. Made from soft medical grade plastic, it is BPA & Phthalate-free.
    Clenare Filter is a soft comfortable device for the nose and enables us to Breathe Clean Air with every breath we take. Clenare takes the shape of our nose and sits there comfortably without making its presence felt to anyone else.






    The problem of extreme air pollution which surrounds us becomes more severe with cold temperatures, stubble burning, construction, fireworks and further industrialization which increases the amount and complexity of pollutants found in the atmosphere. CLENARE brings a new and innovative solution to combat this problem at an individual level.

    CLENARE NASAL FILTER is a simple, inexpensive personal device that is discreet, yet powerful enough to filter most pollutants that impact our health.

    Designed for people of all ages and physical built, it also factors in the need for clean air for children and students whose activities of going to school start at an early hour when pollutants are most heavily suspended in the atmosphere causing maximum damage to lungs.

    CLENARE NASAL FILTERS target Airborne Viruses and Bacteria, Dust, Pollution, Mold, Dander, Vehicle Exhaust and Poor Indoor Air Quality to ensure that you breathe Clean Air wherever you go.

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